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Child Friendly Restaurants

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Author: Lisa Lincoln

It is can often prove difficult when choosing to dine in a restaurant that welcomes children with open arms. Of course, there are the kids favourite burger or pizza restaurants, but if your looking for something a bit more grown-up and a place where your children can be taught the behaviour of adult dining out then this can become a bit more tricky.

A few years ago, you could count the number of child-friendly restaurants in the UK on one hand. Happily things are now very different, with many chains and independent restaurants courting the family market.

As a nation, we have been slow to catch up with our European cousins where family dining is the norm in any restaurant and whole families including parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, regularly dine out as a family.

However, the UK now has a host of restaurants that offer child friendly dining with a host of fun activities and play grounds where the kids can play in full view of their parents, along with kids fun packs, colouring pens and place mat quizzes, but often the parents come unstuck when they are looking a for a bit more of a sophisticated dining experience and one that welcomes children and is happy to cater to their young palettes.

One restaurant in Suffolk that provides a warm welcome to their younger guests is the Bru restaurant in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. In fact, they have gone one step further by working with the local school children to ask them to produce their very own Childrens Menu.

The Bru, located on the promenade in Aldeburgh, is particulary popular with children as its located right by the beach and is literally a stone's throw from the pebbled shoreline. With panoramic sea views from the restaurant and a large terrace it's very popular with mums and dads too.

Lisa Lincoln works in the restaurant industry. She has been writing about suffolk restaurants for couple of years and likes writing about restaurants.


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