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Home Improvement and Repair.

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How to Fit a Radiator to the Central Heating System? (15 Jan 2011)
An article about how to connect a new radiator to the system yourself. Read about what are the criteria to choose a new radiator, how to remove an old radiator, fitting a new one and dealing with radiator corrosion.

Escape to Your Own Private �built in grill�: The New Way to Entertain Outdoors (25 Feb 2010)
Any serious barbeque chef worth their "five alarm" basting sauce not only knows how important the ingredients are, but also counts on their cooking equipment to measure up to expectations, each and every time.

The Advantages Of Metal Storage Buildings (25 Feb 2010)
The metal storage buildings are cost effective, weatherproof protected, time saving and profitable for self-storage in commercial establishments, homes, schools and churches. It can be used in warehouses or garages, cabins or gardens.

Behind The Invention Of A Better Garage Storage Solution (25 Feb 2010)
Ironsides Storage Solutions' Holey Rail� provides a window into how inventiveness and quality control can improve even the most innocuous items around your household.

My Experience Learning How to Make a Solar Panel - My Experience with GreenDIYEnergy (10 Nov 2009)
Those do it yourself renewable energy guides had me wondering. Is it really possible to learn how to make a solar panel, from parts you can purchase online, or at your local home center? I was skeptical, as you probably are.

My Earth4Energy Review (09 Nov 2009)
When I went shopping for a DIY renewable energy guide, I searched for reviews on the particular product I was considering buying.

Bringing the Outdoors in: Furniture and Fresh Bouquets (14 Oct 2009)
Forsythia spires are reaching skyward, and friendly flowers are cropping up at the doorstep, welcoming us home. It's time to freshen up inside the house too--with inspirations cut right from the garden. Today's trend for florals is big, bold, and profuse--in bouquets to adorn tables and buffets, and fabrics for bed linens or upholstery.

Maximizing Space and Efficiency in Your Home Office (14 Oct 2009)
A typical home office rarely has space for more furniture than a desk, credenza, bookcase and file cabinet. However, with most home offices, it's not how much space you have, it's how you use that space. When setting up or reevaluating your current home office, think vertically and put your walls and corners to work.

THE Entry Foyer.. More Than A First Impression (14 Oct 2009)
A lot happens just inside the front door of our homes ... from welcoming ourselves and our guests to the place we love most, to keeping our wits about us as we gather or drop parcel mail, keys, cell phones and handbags, take on or off coats and boots, and greet children, spouses and pets.

Bookcases: the new luxury in furniture Bookcases used to be utilitarian; today they're taking center stage. (14 Oct 2009)
A wall of beautiful bookcases creates a powerful style statement, not to mention more storage space. Bookcases are a great way to express your personal style

Creating a Stress-Free Home Office with Furniture (14 Oct 2009)
With a help of stress free home office furniture you can control various factors within your office that can help minimize stress and improve your productivity.

How To Pick A Pump For Your Outdoor Fountain (10 Oct 2009)
What's a fountain pump's "head?" How do you know what kind of pump works on your garden fountain? Fountain experts at Serenity Health have provided the following rough guide to outdoor fountain pumps.

Finding The Best Spot For Your Wall Fountain (10 Oct 2009)
Using their extensive experience in the field, the staff at fountain retailer Serenity Health offers decor advice to anyone interested in adding a wall water fountain to their home or office interiors.

Picking The Best Outdoor Fountain For Your Budget (09 Oct 2009)
As one of the leading online water fountain merchants, Serenity Health provides the following tips for selecting the right water fountain for your budget.

Create Your Own Home Built Wind Generator and Cut the Cost of Electricity (02 Aug 2009)
There is no better time than the present to start generating your own electricity by using a home built wind generator. Prices all around are increasing and are expected to go up even higher as the financial crisis takes its toll.

Cost Effective Garage Storage Solutions (27 Apr 2009)
Garage storage ideas are one of the basic topics of conversation for homeowners everywhere. Let's look at options courtesy of the storage professionals at

5 Steps to Remodeling Your Bathroom. (20 Jan 2009)
There are many ways to improve the look and value of your home such as window and siding replacement, finishing your basement and remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom is a very cost efficient and effective way in increasing the value of your home and making it a much more pleasant place to live.

A Quick Guide to Wall Water Fountain Styles (13 Jan 2009)
Let's tour the basic styles of wall water fountains to get a better idea about which of them would suit your home or office d�cor the best.

How Wall Fountains Add Style To Almost Any Business: Three Case Studies (13 Jan 2009)
This article explores how to pick the right water fountain for your business and how to install it in the most suitable location.

Three Indoor Fountain Types (13 Jan 2009)
Indoor fountains have become easier to buy and install. Here are three indoor fountain types, along with suggestions on where they fit in your d�cor plans.

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