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How Deterring Thieves Will Keep Motorbike Insurance Quotes Low

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Author: Thomas Pretty

Motorbike insurance is an integral part of the pleasures of motorbike ownership. Not only are motorbikes easier to steal than cars but riders must also ensure their insurance covers them for personal injury and third party collisions. Despite this, motorbike insurance quotes are remarkably cheaper than quotes for a car. Most probably because cars are generally more expensive; but even with cheap cars, insurance quotes can be more than those of a motorbike.

According to a recent report on motorbike crime, theft of motorcycles went up one hundred and thirty five percent in the five years between 2000 and 2005. This unsurprisingly has driven up insurance quotes for those who own motorbikes. The level of theft has reached worrying proportions; it is now believed that more motorbikes are stolen then bought new in any twenty four hour period.

The extent of the problem is a headache for insurance companies who are forced to drive up premiums. Criminal gangs are believed to steal an estimated three million pounds worth of bikes every month; a truly shocking statistic. With it only taken on average twenty seconds to steal a motorbike there is little wonder why the level of theft has become so high.

The report has also given some idea of the level of motorbike crime in the UK and the various hotspots; mainly urban areas. The regions with the highest levels of bike theft were Greater Manchester, the West Midlands and West Yorkshire.

The reasons behind the thefts range from the splitting of bikes up for spare parts that will eventually make it onto the black market. Also bikes are believed to be stolen by 'joyriders' looking for a good time. Surprisingly however, the majority of bikes are stolen from houses, making insurance companies insist on garage storage.

One thing the insurance companies can do is insist motorbike owners install some form of tracking device. These devices have led to multiple recoveries of stolen bikes in the last few years. It is believed that one company's tracking system led to two hundred and ninety two bikes being recovered in 2007; with an estimated worth of nearly three million pounds this is an impressive solution. Added to the bikes recovered, the tracking devices enabled police to break up seventy six professional theft rings and recover an extra two million pounds worth of stolen motorcycles.

The nemeses of the insurance companies are the organised crime syndicates that have made a lucrative business by stealing motorbikes. As the popularity of motorbike riding is increasing the trade for black market bikes and spares is also on the rise. The ease of stealing a motorbike is astounding as often it only means lifting a bike into the back of van and driving off.

It is mainly high powered sports bikes that are stolen and subsequently have the highest insurance quotes. Of the bikes stolen the most popular makes are Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson. New bikes are targeted predominantly due to the need for spare parts on the black market and the opportunity to sell the bikes whole.

So how can you prevent your motorbike from being stolen and keep insurance quotes down? Ensure to park your bike in a garage with obstacles obstructing the bikes path when at home. When away from home find a well lit parking spot in full view of a security camera to improve the safety of your bike. Never on any occasion leave the keys in your bike, even if you are only going to be five minutes. If selling your bike it is worth being wary of those taking test rides as they simply may never come back.

Following this advice may help to keep your motorbike insurance quotes at a reasonable level. There is no doubt that the theft of motorcycles is a lucrative business for the criminal fraternity. Deterring thieves should be a major concern and should ensure you have a bike to ride for years to come.

Motorcycle expert Thomas Pretty looks into vehicle crime and advises on what measures should be taken to keep motorbike insurance quotes low. To find out more please visit


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