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The benefits of fantasy

Author: Dariel Lake

The benefits of fantasy

Sex generally starts in the brain. So an active imagination can mean you're ready for sex before anything physical has happened. Therefore, desire is heightened and arousal is much quicker.

Some people find an active fantasy life can add novelty to a long-standing sexual relationship. This can be particularly helpful if your partner is not as sexually adventurous as you are.

But conversely, if you find it embarrassing to experiment in bed, fantasy offers an opportunity to give your imagination free rein and to play out roles. It can be used as a practice arena where you can build confidence before embarking on something new.

In psychosexual therapy, fantasy is often used to block out negative thoughts. If you find during sexual encounters your mind wanders to unhelpful images or thoughts, fantasy can help you to refocus on your sexual pleasure.

The G-Spot is essentially a bean shaped area of nerve tissue, located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of a women's cervix.

The size and location of the G-Spot will vary between women, but it usually lies about 1.5" to 3" inside the vagina.

This area inside the vagina has a different texture; it's ridged, not smooth like the rest of the vagina, and when aroused has a spongy feel.

The G-Spot is not easily located. Sometimes even women have a hard time finding it and some don't even believe it exists, but it does.

All you need to do is to locate it and arouse it and with a little trial and error between you and your partner you can.

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