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The Pet Portrait: A Timeless Gift to Yourself and Loved Ones

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Author: Jackie Grey

Take a look at your family portrait wall. No doubt there are ancestors and favorite uncles; vacation photos and wedding portraits; baby snapshots and Christmas memories. Still, perhaps you have forgotten someone. Where is the one who bounds out to greet you exuberantly after a long day at the office? Where is the one whose soft purr lulls you to sleep in the cold of winter or the one who perches on your shoulder as you read the morning paper? If you consider your pet a member of the family or know someone who does, then consider having an artist create a painting of your pet or a pet portrait either for yourself or as a priceless gift to another.

Pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular as people begin treating their pets more and more like members of the family. Many artists and websites such as now specialize solely in creating pet portraits, and converting your photographs into paintings using various mediums to provide you with the best way to immortalize your best friend on canvas. Pet portraits also make fantastic gifts and you can gift such a painting to your spouse, friend, or other family member. They will surely be delighted that you considered their pet worthy of their very own, professionally created portrait!

Unlike the traditional painting sessions where the subject was made to sit rigid and unblinking for hours on end, many pet portrait artists do their work based on snapshots and descriptions provided by the pet's owner. Furthermore, many pet portrait artists and companies offering art from painting and painting from pictures services are available via the internet. You need only contact the artist via e-mail to set up a commission. Whatever medium you choose--pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, pencil, or ink�there are artists who are experts in that medium waiting to create a beautiful painting of your pet. Some artists even offer matting and framing services of your completed pet portrait.

If it's a gift you're after for the pet lover in your life, many pet portrait artists and painting from art and painting from photo websites recommend gift certificates redeemable for their services. Or, with a simple snapshot of your friend's beloved pet, you can commission the portrait yourself! If you're after something less pricey but equally as precious, you can use that same pet photograph to have greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, magnets, coffee mugs, and even postage stamps made--perfect and useful gifts for the pet lover who only thought they had everything.

Pet portraits are limited only by your desires and the artist's imagination. While the more typical commission involves a beloved dog or cat, artists are also happy to take commissions for portraits of birds, horses, rabbits, lizards, and whatever other animal you may share your heart and home with. A pet portrait will ensure those years from now, after photographs have faded and memories have dimmed, a glance at the family portrait wall will be all it takes to return your pet to your side once again.

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