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Uruguay: The Best Bird Hunting In South America

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Author: Lori Snow

For years now, Sportsmen from around the world have quietly converged on Uruguay to take advantage of excellent, but little known hunting opportunities. The country features an unbeatable mix of European hospitality, a temperate climate and excellent accommodations. Condor Outfitters has organized bird hunting tours to the country for years. The company has these insights to share about this exotic, but convenient South American bird hunting destination.

The available species make both ground and wing hunting exciting options for hunters. Hunters routinely report bagging hundreds of birds in a few hours, and often need help to load and bag fast enough to take advantage of the plentiful opportunities available to them.

Three bird species are commonly hunted in Uruguay. Each one presents a different challenge to hunters. They are:

Doves: Doves are plentiful in Uruguay. Huge flocks make regular trips to forage from sunflowers and other crops. They're the choice for high volume hunting. Hunters routinely bag several hundred in s two or three hour period. Hunting doves actually helps Uruguayan farmers, too because their huge numbers pose a threat to crops.

Pigeons: Spot-Winged and Picazuro Pigeons are challenging targets due to their erratic movements and speeds. They rarely fly in flocks like the doves do, and are not as plentiful as doves.

Perdiz: Perdiz are part of the Tinamou family of ground feeders. This is a great species which lends itself to be hunted over bird dogs. Perdiz have been compared to quail but does not convey the unique aspects of both the bird itself and the hunting experience. Perdiz are a distinctly South American bird, and nothing quite like them can be found anywhere else.

The hunt itself is just one part of the experience. Uruguay is known for its excellent food and fantastic hospitality. The Uruguayan barbeque, or Asado, is a mandatory experience for anyone who really wants to experience the best that the country has to offer. As skilled cook (or asador) grills a fantastic variety of meat cuts and sausages. Uruguayan cooking also features regional variations on classic Mediterranean cuisine, due to the role of that region in the country's colonial history. This is apparent in Italian inspired dishes, particularly deserts.

Uruguay's old world heritage also manifests in the incredible hospitality a visitor can find there. Condor Outfitters sends its groups to a working ranch, but the level of service easily meets (and often exceeds) that of dedicated hunting lodges. Spacious accommodations are the rule, and a skilled staff guides hunters through every aspect of the experience.

Taken together, these factors make Uruguay bird hunting an incredible opportunity for hunters from North America, especially when chillier seasons and make conservation-based restrictions make hunting at home a less attractive option. But even hunters with no complaints about the season at home flock to the South American country, with many making it an annual tradition. The mix of fair weather, fine hunting and excellent service make Uruguay too tempting to pass up.

Lori Snow is the CEO of Condor Outfitters, an adventure travel agency specializing in South America Travel, including Bird Hunting in South America. Contact Condor Outfitters at 770-339-9961 or by emailing [email protected]


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