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Your Vote for America

Author: bobby james

I have been watching and listening to the Obama and McCain parties bash each other. I don't know why mud slinging is necessary; candidates should focus on their own campaigns and allow voters to arrive at their own conclusions. They don't need to tell us about the other candidate's shortcomings.

Before November, voters need to insure they thoroughly research the candidates. The internet is a great resource for locating valuable information. If you don't have a home computer, visit your local library.

Politicians are basically motivational speakers, so don't judge them based on their appearances and fancy speeches. Most politicians are educated, well spoken and tell you everything they think you need to know. When listening to your candidate-remember, someone else wrote their speech and selected their wardrobe.

Unfortunately, we live in a judgmental Hollywood society. Americans judge others based on: appearance, financial status, sexual orientation, race and gender.

For example, while sitting in my doctor's office, I overheard some elderly women discuss Hillary Clinton when she ran against Obama for the Democratic ticket.

They said they wouldn't vote for Clinton because she was a woman. None of them mentioned her political beliefs because they couldn't get past her gender. I expect this closed minded thinking to carry into the upcoming election. A percentage of voters can be expected to vote based solely on race or gender.

Americans are facing harsh economic times; foreclosures, health insurance, gas and war costs continue to escalate while salaries, benefits and jobs decline.

Americans need to look past appearances, fancy speeches, and gender while selecting a candidate who can bring economic stability to our land.

Hello, I am bobby James from United States. By profession i am Professor of Social Studies. i have a long experience to write the articles about the libertarianism and politics.


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