Today is the era of the internet and online shopping has become a common thing, so often when we buy products online, we also see Refurbished Products but we do not know what is Refurbished Phone, Laptop, etc.

What is Refurbished Phone, Laptop? - Refurbished Prodcuts Meaning

Actually, you get a Refurbished Product at a much lower price than the original version of that product. Suppose take an example where the cost of a 4G Smartphone is Rs 15,000 and the cost of the same Refurbished Phone is 9,000, then so the question comes to our mind that what is that Refurbished Phone or that Refurbished Product.

Because everyone wants to save their money and when such a thing appears, then it is obvious that the question arises in everyone’s mind what are these refurbished products’ meanings and why are their prices low?

There is a belief in the mind of many people about Refurbished products that are bad, so they never buy things like Refurbished Phones or Laptops, etc., while the truth is totally different.

That’s why even those who know about Refurbished product, they also get confused whether to buy Refurbished product or not! So today we are going to tell you in detail about what is Refurbished Meaning and whether to buy a Refurbished Phone or not, so read this article till the end.

What is the meaning of Refurbished or Refurbished Phone

Refurbished Meaning: Refurbished means when something is rebuilt or renewed i.e. by fixing all the problems in it and making it as before!

On online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc., you get to see Refurbished Products, which cost a lot less because these are products that are returned due to any shortage, and such similar products are placed in the category of Refurbished Product.

In simple words, Refurbished Products are those when something is bought and returned due to some minor deficiency in it, after which it is repaired and sold again in the Refurbished Product category on the online store.

But it is not necessary that every refurbished product has defects and only then it is kept in the refurbished category. There can be many other reasons for this like many times the customer returns the product because of not liking it after using it, which is sold in the refurbished category.

According to Flipkart’s new portal 2GUD, refurbished are like new and better than second hand, they are passed through three stages: first, they are repaired & restored, second quality checked, and third grade and repacked.

What are Refurbished Product Grades

The refurbished product is first bought by someone and then it is returned, so in what condition they are similar, grades are given for this, which you can assess the product quality. It is as follows.


It is like a brand new product with no scratches and a non-used one with a 12-month warranty.

Refurbished Superb Grade-A

It is also like new but it has been used very little and comes with minor scratches.

Refurbished Very Good Grade-B

This product is used sparingly and is found with little scratches.

Refurbished Good Grade-C

This category has been used similarly and the same one with scratch is found.

Refurbished Okay Grade-D

The items found in this category are used extensively and easily visible scratch are found on the products i.e. second-hand products.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Products

  1. You get refurbished items at a low cost which saves your money.
  2. Buying a refurbished product gives you a warranty so it feels like buying a new one.
  3. You also get the facility to return refurbished goods, so if you do not like the same then you can return them.
  4. Refurbished are like new and better than second hand.
  5. In case the budget is less, you can buy a Refurbished Phone, Laptop, etc with the same features and brand at a lower price.

Disadvantages of Buying Refurbished Products

  1. It is the same one which has been bought before, so it is not new, it is like new.
  2. You get these in simple packing
  3. It is not necessary for every refurbished item to have accessories like chargers, earphones, etc.
  4. Warranty on this item may also be given by the seller which is not related to the company.

Buying Refurbished Products or Not? (Are Refurbished Phones Good)

Now it must have been understood what are Refurbished Products, but the question now comes whether to buy refurbished products or not. And would it be right or wrong to buy refurbished products?

You can buy refurbished items but only if it is getting a good discount and is in the same good condition! It should not be like that the cost of a refurbished phone is 11,000 and you are getting the same phone now for Rs 13,000.

If there is very little difference in money between new and refurbished goods, then you are better buying a new one instead of buying a refurbished one, but if you want to buy an item and it does not come within your budget, then you can buy a refurbished product.

Because many times you get a second hand which is not new but very little used or is like new, then it is a profitable deal for you to buy the same, so before buying the refurbished one, check the terms and conditions and policy as well and also check the physical condition thoroughly.

Where to buy Refurbished Phones, Laptops and other devices

Here are the list of some online shopping websites which are trusted website and can be used to buy refurbished phones.


Amazon is one of the most trusted websites not only in India but in the whole world, from where you can easily order any goods and you can easily return them in case of getting bad goods.

Because it is the world’s largest online store, you can also find many types of refurbished items here.


If we talk about online shopping, then after Amazon, most people use the Flipkart website and it is also a trusted website that makes every effort to satisfy its customers.

On this website also you get to see the Refurbished Products category, from where you get a Refurbished Phone, Laptop, Watch, Speaker, etc.


2GUD is the new portal of Flipkart exclusively for all branded items with the guaranteed unconditional and second-hand same guarantee.

In this, you get to see a 60 to 80 percent discount on electronic items like mobiles, laptops, watches, tablet speakers, power banks, smart assistants, etc.

Although there are other trusted websites, we have given you examples of three websites here, so we hope that you must have understood what is Refurbished Mobile (Refurbished Phones) or Refubished Products and whether buying them is right or wrong.

We hope that you have liked this article and if you like it then you must share it with your friends who want to know about Refurbished Phones or Laptops and want to buy cheap items online.


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