In this video, you will get to know about how to download youtube video in 4k, mp4, and how to use this for yt or youtube to mp3 converter online just for free of cost.

Youtube 4k Video MP4 Online Downloader and YouTube to MP3 Converter

What is a YouTube Video Download Online Tool?

It’s an absolutely free tool to download YouTube video online. It also supports YouTube to Mp3 converter for videos so that you can convert youtube to mp3 and download YouTube music in the best quality. Thus it can be used as a youtube song downloader and can easily download songs from youtube.

How to Download YouTube Video YouTube videos to mp4 for free on this fastest Online Youtube Downloader?

  • Step 1: Go to the given link, Click Here.
  • Step 2: Paste the YouTube video URL into the given box.
  • Step 3: Choose MP4 or MP3 format and click “Download”
  • Step 4: Wait a few seconds for the video processing tool and press the “Download” button.

What formats does the YouTube Video Download tool allow us to convert YouTube video to?

This tool helps to convert and download videos from YouTube in a variety of formats like MP4, 3GP, MP3, WEBM, and M4A. You can use it online without any installation.

How to download mp3 from YouTube online?

Definitely, this youtube video to mp3 download online lets you convert youtube videos to mp3 format and download youtube video as mp3. Thus with this youtube mp3 download tool, you can easily get mp3 from youtube. Thus it can also be used as a YT converter.

This YT video download technology works well on all kinds of devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The method works similarly to y2mate, y2meta, and x2convert without needing to install any other software.

Where is the downloaded YouTube video stored?

Please check the “Downloads” folder on your phone or the “download history” section of your browser.

Is there a limit on the number of uses for the YT video download tool?

This “YouTube Downloader” tool allows you to download unlimited YouTube video and all for free.

About this Best YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Online

What is YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is online that gives a preview of the video thumbnail. There are basically two types of YouTube thumbnails: the first one that is automatically generated by YouTube, and the other that is uploaded by the creator. Thumbnails that are uploaded by creators are also called custom thumbnails. No matter what kind of thumbnail it is, its URL is hidden and you can’t find the thumbnail link on YouTube, and also you can’t save it on your device.

How many thumbnails does a YouTube video have?

A YouTube video at most can have up to nine thumbnails, but it is not like every video has nine thumbnails. There are seven thumbnails that are guaranteed to exist:

  • Player Background 480×360
  • Start 120×90
  • Middle 120×90
  • End 120×90
  • High-Quality 480×360
  • Medium Quality 320×180
  • Normal Quality 120×90

Besides, if the video is high-definition, there are two other sizes of the thumbnail as well.

  • Standard Definition 640×480
  • Maximum Resolution 1920×1080

The sizes which are used most commonly are Low Quality, High-Quality, Medium Quality, and HD quality. So, the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader only provides downloadable links in these four sizes.

How to use YouTube Thumbnail Image Downloader

Step 1: Go to or YouTube app and search for a video.

Step 2: Now, copy the URL of the desired video (Example:

Step 3: Paste the copied URL in the box given there and then click on the “Get YouTube Thumbnail” button.

Step 4: Choose your Thumbnail size and download it.

Why download thumbnails?

The video thumbnails on YouTube are the most important metadata of a video. Experienced creators usually carefully design the video cover. That is the reason why most of the video covers on YouTube are beautiful, either funny or creative. That is what makes many people download and save the video cover. In general, you may need YouTube Thumbnail Downloader for the following purposes:

  • Save YouTube thumbnail as wallpaper.
  • You can share thumbnails on your website or on social media.
  • Download all the video thumbnails as a source for your video cover.

Why need a thumbnail downloader?

As mentioned earlier, the image link of the YouTube thumbnail is hidden and that is what makes it difficult to save the video cover. Although some tools can grab thumbnails none of them can do this word as simple as the YouTube thumbnail downloader.

Where to get the YouTube video links?

As this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader works via video link, first you have to find the video link before downloading. First, open the video that you want to download either in the browser or YouTube App, then click the share button below the video, the YouTube video link is in the pop-up interface.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Features

The YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is a companion tool for YouTube creators. It is very easy to grab a YouTube thumbnail by using this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader. It mainly has the following features:

Extract YouTube thumbnails online easily

The YouTube Thumbnail Downloader works like an extractor, i.e. when you put video links in the search box, it extracts all the thumbnail images online immediately, no need to download that first.

Find and view thumbnails in HD quickly

Mainly small and low-resolution thumbnails displayed on the homepage of YouTube, channel page, and also on the search results page. But if you want to see HD thumbnails, you need to look in the page source code. But with the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, what you just need to know is the video link to get HD thumbnails quickly.

Get YouTube video thumbnail image links

After entering the video link in the box, you will immediately get the thumbnail of the video on the screen. Click the link to the picture to see the thumbnail URL in the browser address bar.

Save the thumbnail to your device

Now, after grabbing the thumbnail with the video link, you can click the link below the image that you want to download and save the thumbnail.

How to get all sizes of YouTube thumbnails?

As mentioned earlier, a video can have at most 9 thumbnails of different sizes, and now you will get to know how to get all the thumbnails. Now, first of all, you need to understand what a video ID is.

The video ID of YouTube is a unique ID used to identify the video uploaded on YouTube. The YouTube video ID is used to create a unique URL for displaying specific videos and it can be used to embed YouTube videos on any website.

The video id is usually at the last of the video URL, such as consider the following two video links:

The character dy6HghKk-CA is the video ID.
You will notice that it is not so easy to obtain video thumbnails in this way, if you don’t need the extra thumbnail size, please use this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader to download directly.

Can I use the downloaded thumbnails on any platform?

The copyright of the thumbnail belongs to the owner or creator. If you use the thumbnail in your content without the permission of the copyright owner, they can report and sue you. Therefore, it is not recommended to copy the video thumbnails of other creators. But you can use it as a design inspiration to create your thumbnails.


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