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Top 7 Best Credit Cards

How to select a Credit Card?

Choosing the best credit card all comes down to which card is going to provide you with the most value. That answer will change based on your financial situation, spending habits, and more. So you should Think about these questions when a credit card offer catches your eye.

What’s your credit score?

The better your credit score, the better your chance of qualifying for a credit card with excellent perks and terms.

Do you plan to carry a balance?

Because It’s best to pay your balance in full each month so you avoid paying interest, but a low-interest credit card may be wise if you expect to carry a balance from time to time.

Are you looking to pay off debt or a large purchase?

If so, you’ll probably want to consider a 0 percent introductory APR credit card, which can help you avoid interest on purchases and/or balance transfers, typically for 12 to 21 months.

What are your spending habits?

If your spending is concentrated in a certain area, look for a card that earns rewards at a high rate in that category. For example, if you spend a lot on groceries, look for a credit card that offers bonus points or cash back at grocery stores.

Can you earn a sign-up bonus?

Because Many credit cards carry a sign-up bonus for new cardholders. And The typical sign-up bonus offers cash back, points, or miles after you spend a certain amount of money within a specified timeframe, usually within your first three months as a cardholder.

So these are the questions that should come into your mind before buying a credit card.

Best Credit Cards in 2022

So now let’s talk about the best credit cards.

Number 1 is Chase Freedom Flex

This is because This card has the brawn to handle just about all of your credit card spending needs without an over-inflated price tag. Also, The card has an annual fee of $0, yet comes with a pumped-up earnings structure that covers a wide swath of expenses including travel, drugstores, and dining plus rotating quarterly bonus categories in areas many households are likely to find appealing.

If we talk about the pros then they are: No annual fee, other than this the Rotating quarterly categories earn 5% rewards when activated, up to a combined quarterly 1,500 dollar maximum and Travel rewards rate rivals some of the best premium travel cards and also Generous rewards rate in several other categories as well. And if I talk about the cons then the Travel bookings must be made through Chase Ultimate Rewards to earn 5% cash back.

Number 2 is Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

This is because Wells Fargo Active Cash offers an unlimited 2% cash rewards rate on purchases and charges no annual fee. This puts it in competition with the best flat-rate cash-back cards on the market.

If we talk about the pros then they are Unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases, a $0 annual fee, and a Cell phone protection benefit. And if I talk about the cons then they are There’s a balance transfer fee, There’s a foreign transaction fee and No travel transfer partners.

Number 3 is Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Car

And why so the answer is Capital One’s most premium travel card is packed with extras that put it firmly in competition with other upscale credit cards, but at an annual fee that leaves the others far behind. If I talk about its pros then they are Annual fee lower than others in its category, Annual travel credit and anniversary miles alone could justify the annual fee and Miles are easy to earn and easy to use. And as far as its cons are concerned then they are the Lack of domestic airline and upscale hotel travel partners, the Capital One lounge network in its infancy, and the Lack of hotel status benefits.

Number 4 is Chase Sapphire Reserve

This is because This card offers superior points earning rates if you spend frequently on travel and dining out. The $300 travel credit justifies much of the annual fee and redeeming points for travel on Chase Ultimate Rewards.

As far as its pros are concerned then they are $300 annual travel credit is incredibly flexible, Generous welcome bonus, Get 50% more value when you redeem points for travel through Chase, and Points transfer to valuable airline and hotel partners if I talk about its cons then they are High annual fee, High variable APR on purchases and Excellent credit recommended. So that’s all about this card.

Number 5 is The Platinum Card from American Express

If someone asks me why this is selected then to their knowledge This Platinum Card is destined for frequent travelers who intend to fully leverage the rich set of luxury travel benefits and Platinum Concierge service. In the right hands, the classic status card’s staggering annual fee is well justified.

And about its pros then they are High reward potential on flights and hotels booked through American Express Travel, Multiple credits can help justify the fee, Comprehensive airport lounge access, and lastly Luxury travel benefits and elite status with Hilton and Marriott with enrollment and cons then they are Very high annual fee, Maximizing the statement credits take some work and could be unworkable for many, and Reward rate outside of travel is sub-par for a premium card.

Number 6 is United Club Infinite Card

This is because United’s top-tier card offering ups its game with 4 miles per dollar earnings on United purchases. A suite of travel perks makes the card an even better value, with the United Club membership alone worth more than the annual fee.

Now Let’s Discuss its pros and cons. So firstly pros are: No foreign transaction fee, a United Club membership is worth more than the annual fee, and the First and second-checked bags are free when you pay for your flight with your card and cons are a Very high annual fee, No intro APR offer, and High regular APR.

So, let’s move to our next card and it is Aeroplan Credit Card.

Number 7 is Aeroplan Credit Card

Now if you wanted to know why we picked it then The solid reward-earning potential of this Aeroplan Credit Card makes the card an excellent option for those loyal Air Canada passengers who also regularly spend on food and travel.

And about its pros and cons then its pros are, Excellent rewards earning, No foreign transaction fees, and Travel benefits including perks for Air Canada flyers its cons are: a $95 annual fee and Lacks non-travel related benefits.

So friends these are lists of the best credit cards that seem to be best to me after conducting a lot of research. If you find the video useful, don’t forget to drop a like and if you have any query or suggestion then don’t forget to comment it in the comment box.

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